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  1. Thank for your response and for sharing such amazing photos! It is a very nice car and the state of conservation is excellent!
  2. Thank you for your interesting information. In fact, all the photos, advertisings, etc, I have found on the Internet are about the D2 Touring model. I cannot find information about this non touring model. Do you have any material about it? I would also like how many models or types of D2 were made. I have been reading your experience restoring your D2. What a challenge! I will follow closely your progress. I would like to do the same, but I believe that it is impossible for me at this moment.
  3. Dodgenz. Thank you for your contribution. I believe there were not many Dodge D2 in Uruguay. The first owner was a USA diplomatic and this car has the driving wheel in the left when cars in the ´30s used to drive on the left side of the road. Perhaps the car was brought directly from the United States.
  4. Thank you very much for your contributions! I will try to answer your questions. Jpage. The serial number is 8986607. Keiser3. Regarding the grille, sorry, but it was broken in a collision (we have some parts, although I don´t know if they are all of them). However, I will share a photo of the car´s front. I agree with you that the taillight seems as they belong to another car. How the original taillights were? 35cz8. In fact there is not a gloves box at the left. It is just the door but there is a no box behind. The real gloves box is on the right. I don´t know how the original car was. I would like to add that in Uruguay before IIWW cars used to drive on the left side of the road. At the last, I would appreciate if you could share any photos, catalogues and information about 30´s Dodge cars. Thank you again.
  5. Good morning. I am writing from Uruguay, South America, looking for information about this car. My father is the owner, and it has been in a garage since 1973. The first owner was a USA citizen who was diplomatic. His name was Leslie E. Reed and had the car from 1936 to 1939. I will be very grateful if somebody could provide me with information such as catalogues, advertisings, technical information, and any other interesting data about the car or Mr. Reed. Thanks in advance for your collaboration Motor number: D 2 - 87069
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