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  1. i believeee 699, it is really hard to tell
  2. I thank you for continuing to aid me in this journey. It's not showing up with that part number but I may just not be searching correctly.
  3. I have a relay that I believe needs replacing but after much surfing of the internet, I have yet to come across what the relay's part number is exactly. Does anyone know where I can buy one? This is for the mechanism that works with the motor for the convertible latch. Thank you!
  4. Well, after some time I was finally able to get the core replaced and placed back in. While doing so, I came across a cable that I noticed had been disconnected already. Today, as I'm working on putting the dash back in I find another cable with corresponding colors and the same amount of female prong connectors that match with the aforementioned disconnected cable. Do these cables connect to each other? (Red outlined cable is the disconnected one that leads into the A/C Unit Housing, Blue outlined cable is the one I found in the dash and seems to have a cable plugged in to complete the circuit.)
  5. Ah I see, so it is on the other side of what I assumed. I'm currently having trouble actually getting the "Box" out. Are there mounting screws keeping it attached to the firewall?
  6. I am about two days in to replacing the heater core in this vehicle, and as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I realize I am stuck at taking the AC unit housing out (if I'm not mistaken is the location of the heater core). Any help??
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