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  1. Both drive side work, but neither passenger side do. Thanks for the help.
  2. That's something I haven't seen before. Does the door skin bolt on?
  3. I found that a Magic Eraser is a great tool.
  4. All of the upholstery is in surprisingly great condition under the dirt and mold. The driver side door panel is warped due to it sitting with the window open, but I'm pretty sure if I get a new panel an upholstery shop could use the existing materials. Next order of business is getting that window up. I finally got power. Found that the ignition switch was disconnected. But, the window doesn't move. Have to pull the panel and get in there with a test light.
  5. A little scrubbing and the upholstery is actually in good shape.
  6. TampaRiv are you in Tampa? That's where mine came from.
  7. Thanks guys. I'll take some pics today. She's rough but fixable. I've found most of the sheet metal is available, and I enjoy welding. I only paid $2500 and was pleased to find 10k in receipts for mechanical work. $2200 to have the bumpers chromed also.
  8. I bought a 64 a couple weeks ago. The owner passed 5 years ago and unfortunately his daughter let it sit with the driver window open. Needless to say I'll be replacing the pans. It was cheap, so I couldn't pass it up. I was pleasantly surprised to find receipts for over 10k in work that was done before it was parked. New heads, rebuilt trans, carb, radiator, alternator, etc. Looking forward to getting some welding hours in.
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