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  1. Hello everyone, This is now my 4th project, and I hope to get this one on the road. I am taking the liberty to build the Buick to my liking and availability of parts here in Europe and my fund of Alvis parts. I think as long as the parts are from the period it is OK. Everyone will disagree on that, is fine too. Since E-Bay has imposed the global shipping program it is not interesting to import parts from the USA. PS: I love your "sarcasm" .....disc brake...🤔 ......beautiful plastic sheet...😉😉 Urban
  2. Hearty hello from across the atlantic, more precise from Zürich/Switzerland. It`s time for me to introduce myself. I am a "hobbyists / handyman" and trying to get a1929 Buick back on the road. It will not be a clssic restoration, but we call it a "Special". Our road laws set tight limits. I have been browsing the AACA forums for some time with the vast amounts of expertise. Urban
  3. Her daughter was at the wheel. Tragedy for Monaco. Urban
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