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  1. Gentlemen, I came across this 1935 c6 and I would like to decode the body tag and serial number - Im not sure either one of them goes with the car. is there a place I can look up these codes ? i am not familar with Chryslers - it looks like the engine number pad may have been ground and restamped - or is this typical ? body number 694 - 183 ? tag data body # C6CC - 1195 Paint # 608 Trim # 472 DC Job # 26 - 230 Any help is much appreciated thanks, Chris
  2. All, thanks so much- this will definitely help. I contacted Surecast in tx and I sent them my wax patterns - to be cast in steel - I hope they come back done well i will contact your other contacts for iron and bronze thanks guys !!
  3. Great guys- thank you actually the foundry I use now is geared towards “art” and is ok with the small runs. Steel investment casting is the big problem. I will give them a call and see where it goes thanks again chris
  4. nice to meet the AACA crowd. i have been restoring cars my whole life - still have a 1940 ford from when I was 13 ! as a side thing for fun I make parts for antique cars and motorcycles - mostly pre WWII. We have a great investment casting foundry we work with but they are in the middle of a huge job and cant take any jobs right now. I have frame lugs and front fork casting wax patterns that need to be cast. I laser scan originals make molds and inject wax We are looking for a foundry to investment cast steel and bronze in small quantities. The foundry we have worked with recently cannot take any more jobs until March of 2021 . Typically these are small batches from 2 to 30 parts. We will provide the wax patterns, The alloys are not important – most parts we do were originally sand cast in ductile iron, but for short runs it is too expensive to create master patterns and core molds. We currently have front fork wax patterns for pre 1910 Indian motorcycles ready for casting in steel with a 2% oversize for shrinkage. We have 12 pieces that we want to cast to check for shrinkage and sizing and then another run of approximately 24 pieces once the first set is checked to match up to original specifications. We recreate parts for antique cars and motorcycles and our typical process is : Laser scan original parts 3D model the parts or go directly from scan to pattern Decide if the part will be investment cast or sand cast If investment cast – we make molds and make injected wax patterns OR directly 3D print the burnout pattern Send the patterns directly to the foundry If anyone has a foundry that they work with that is willing to do short runs in steel and the pricing is reasonable please let me know Thanks All some recent projects
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