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  1. 10 ohms just seemed rather odd to me as I hadn't had much experience with the pre-80s vehicles. None that the stereo was an issue anyway. I have however seen 4 and 8 ohm quite a bit and, yes, many a smoked "what's that smell" speaker. Dangerous I imagine depending on what is around it. This effect I was able to test empirically in college physics when we studied harmonics and resonanse. The instructor, although appreciating my write up, later regretted not giving range guidelines for the speaker circuit impedance and maximum range for the variables. Learning how to make perfect harmonic resona
  2. I have replaced the rear speakers with 6x9s this last summer. I also installed 6's in the doors that fit well. The rear needed some additional cross beams that were simple to put in to support the speakers and drop the faces back to clear the interior panels. 6x9s stick out a bit. The stock system does not use 4 ohm speakers. In fact I have never seen 10 ohm series/parallel anywhere else. I personally, having seen that decided to change out the entire system to more modern components. This made it far easier. A narrow double din fits well with minor mod in the center section where the cassette
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