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  1. I had originally posted this picture/question over on the GM forum, and several members suggested it might be a '20 Hupmobile. I thought it was a '20 Olds due to the slanted louvres and the radiator cap, but the windshield/cowling appeared to be too rounded. Any info that you might provide on the year/make/model etc. would really be appreciated. The picture is of my mother-in-laws mother ( girl on left ).She was born in 1900. TIA.
  2. thanks! I'm wondering if they had different optional trims like more modern cars, but more customizable...the radiator--blacked out, badges appear different in every picture Ive seen, rad filler cap is more olds-like than other pics. The one thing that seems like a definite Hupmobile giveaway is the curved cowling where it meets the windscreen. Again thank you very much.. (the girl on the left is my MIL's mother, presumably at age 20)
  3. Im not much of a wiz withh cars prior to 1960, but a family member is trying to identify this car. The slanted louvers and hood ornament tell me Oldsmobile, The vertical roof stay says 1918 or later...I think... The hood near the windshield looks way too round though. Any ideas? Thanks
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