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  1. Did you ever go and see or purchase the car
  2. That’s an awesome looking vehicle, did you ever find that proper horn you were looking for? Looking for one myself, any tips and tricks...where did you find yours? Thank you for any info
  3. Is that your Ford Model N, that’s a very nice looking vehicle...wanting and looking for one myself
  4. LOL, if you find any 1:1 1908s let me know
  5. Hello, looking for a nice Model T Ford (preferably brass era) to appreciate, work on, and enjoy... interested in any condition, running or not, any body style... Thank you for any support and good luck with any of your goals at home...Thanks again
  6. That’s a nice looking car...we’re you still interested in selling it? All original or reproduction parts, fixes, ext? Thank you
  7. Any pictures? What’s there location?
  8. Potentially, was very interested in getting a Model T Ford and still am, but as I’m always getting more and more exposure to antique cars there are many makers and models I’d be interested in, especially pre-30s before a lot of auto makers closed down, and so I’d like to keep my options open for anything that may come my way...
  9. Can you message me some photos and your location...thank you
  10. Where at? Any pictures? Also interested...
  11. Have had some potential leads from local car groups and some other sources, but nothing from the forum that has worked out...some really good cars on here though.
  12. Cool badges, especially like the good luck one...
  13. Out of curiosity did you guys sell the car and what did you get for it?
  14. As I said in the posting, I am open to any cars pre-1920 (as well as alternative power sources, ext.) in any condition and hopefully I am bombarded with cars...I have had my eye on particular years, makes, and models, but to get a feel for what’s out there and the prices that people are asking I’d like to stay as open as possible. My technical skill or age isn’t really something you should be worrying about and if your just making sure your car is going to be taken care of, I can assure you if or when that time comes. I appreciate any and all leads/info that you can give...I hope you all the best knowledge and skill when tackling any of your projects, thank you.
  15. Hello, i am looking to get in into the automobile hobby and i am looking for my first car. I have some particular makes, models, and years in mind...however i'm open to anything (including alternative engines and fuel...steam, electric, ext). Thank you for all your leads or support...
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