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  1. that's not the impression i got from initial research, that's a huge relief. I always forget Ebay is a thing, I never really trusted it.
  2. Bit of an update to the car for those interested. I took a leisurely drive to get some burgers and hang out with some mustang people. Somehow I survived the mustangs, but regrettably on the way home it started surging, and upon further inspection, a rattling knock was coming out of #6. Upon popping the head off, the reason became clear. #6 has terrible pitting. I had dreaded that it was a rod/crank bearing, but happily there was no play detectable from the top end. But unhappily the scoring on the walls of #6 appear to indicate catastrophic ring failure. The fact that the knocking sound does not 'scale' with RPM makes me think the bearings are not the issue. I don't believe I've had the car long enough to have caused this myself, and nor was there any sign of the head gasket leaking on any cylinders. My current working theory is that during the car's 40 year hibernation in open air, that intake valve was open and condensation found it's way in and ruined the wall. And I appear to be the chump left holding the bag of confetti. Now I still don't know much about the chrysler flat 6, but from the research/phoning i've done, it would appear that oversize pistons and bearings simply do not exist for the anually unique 34-37 motors, and I can't nearly afford to have a custom set milled. Given the depth of the pitting I would be amazed to be able to recondition that bore without boring it substantially oversize and I'm rather at a loss for what to do. I'm going to pull and strip the motor sometime soon to determine the full scope of the problems but I would appreciate some advice on how hosed I am and what to do about it. In a perfect world i could just throw a hone and set of rings at it and be on my way but I doubt it. If the block was a prohibitive writeoff my first thought was to track down a 6 from a 50-52 fullsize DeSoto for the large displacement and relatively close timeframe. The blocks look outwardly identical (outside of appliances/head), but I've heard that the motors differ so much that that can't be done without substantial modification. Dimensionally they seem to be identical but beyond that I have no idea. I was hoping to restore the car piecemeal but catastrophic failure had other plans. Wish me luck, I suppose.
  3. Excellent, thanks. In the papers are some receipts for oil filters Some are after the ressurrection, some from the 60's, maybe it was the same one, maybe not. I suspect the owner before last wasn't very careful with the car generally, so perhaps he removed it. I'm not sure, ergo my question. I'll investigate the transmission more. The cable is almost thick enough to be a ground, but grounding from the trans is bizzare, and the block is earthed. I can't imagine what else it might be apart from an overdrive cable. Thanks for the help. If you're ever on the sunshine coast you're welcome to visit the car.
  4. Rad. It's one of my favorite films so that's pleasing to know the history. Also, there's three questions i have about the car you might be able to resolve. These lines on the block i'm assuming went to an aftermarket oil filter that's no longer there. Also there's a broken off thing on the left fender that looks like it should've been an antenna, but there's no sign of the car ever having a radio, any idea what's going on there? And finally there's a mystery cable coming out of the transmission that was cut with cable shears, that is smaller than the battery cables but is still rather thick. The car doesn't have an overdrive knob, so i'm wondering if this is perhaps an overdrive transmission that was swapped in. I don't know enough to tell them apart externally. It'd be very nice to have overdrive, as the motor's turning over uncomfortably fast at 50mph as it is, and to go anywhere around here I have to take the highway. Thanks
  5. That's the scene I thought it was. Small world. I intend to take it on a tour of vancouver's 30's buildings this summer but I'm not brave enough to do that until the clutch is replaced, it does not like hill starts at present.
  6. Oh hey, fancy that. Glad to have it. Yes the car still has a mountain of literature with it, including the newsletter about the car's ressurrection. In it, it's claimed that the car was used in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which is one of my favorite films. But alas i went to watch it and I guess they dropped that take because there's one scene it could be and it ain't there. Gonna do my best with it, it's a lovely thing. And yes, the sticker is still there.
  7. Yeah it's a canadian built one. I'm not sure how it's outwardly identifiable but it came with a bunch of club documentation and is allegedly one of three and the only in original/unrestored state. It also came with another three slat rear bumper which i need to straighten out and put back on. It's nice to know that that's original, as I much prefer it visually. Here's the transmission mount. Difficult to see from this perspective but it's floating above the crossmember about 3/8ths, and the bolt is under tension. If i back it off the transmission rises up even higher. Really not sure what's going on there, unless the front mounts are torqued down to kingdom come and it's lifting the whole entire unit. The transmission also has a large 8 gauge ish mystery cable coming off of it that was clipped with shears. Was overdrive electrically engaged? The dashboard doesn't have the knob but the trans could've been swapped in. It'd certainly be nice to have. Thanks for the part references, time to start hoarding.
  8. Howdy. Just bought my first Airflow, 1935 Desoto SG, and it needs some stuff but i don't know where to get parts. The most imperative is the transmission mount, which is somehow not resting on the crossmember and has partially ripped. (though is still ductile). I also would like a source for disposable wear items like the condensor, and ultimately the clutch, which is so worn it disengages within half an inch of the top of the pedal travel, and will probably need replacing soon. I'm a little spoiled by my '48 ford truck, which has repros for pretty much everything. I don't expect much for the airflows, but I'd prefer if the transmission was supported by more than hopes and dreams.
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