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  1. I don’t claim to be an expert in License plates but have collected them for a fair amount of years along with my father who has collected them for many many years and who is in my opinion an expert in license plates. So to add my humble opinion I would say they are certainly original paint.
  2. This is a fact, one 20 min simple job turns into three hours and every tool you own is out.
  3. I guess other people would be jealous of him and that’s why he has followers but I can’t say I would want his life at all. Dressing and acting like a fool and coming from money, he probably has no talents and no real friends. Sure makes me even more thankful for where I am and who I am.
  4. How do you even find rare and unique cars to photograph during a pandemic? Good luck to them
  5. Low tire pressure my butt, it’s called low common sense, low responsibility, low intelligence etc. Mistakes are mistakes but I don’t think this spoiled teenager shows any real remorse.
  6. I hate the cold too, I’ll look forward to seeing your updates when the warm weather returns. Love the truck and the work you’ve done on it, thanks for posting it all for us to see.
  7. This couldn’t be anymore true haha. For me I think it’s much more pleasant to coast to the side of the road with a sputtering car than going down quick in a sputtering plane
  8. Gotta wonder how he lost the body. Turned around and it was gone or poker game?
  9. Love the car, I enjoyed reading an article about them in Hemmings Classic Car, quite an interesting story. How fun that you know so much about your cars history. I have to ask, are you going to make some doors or are you going to drive around al fresco? I would love to see more photos of the station too.
  10. Neat thread, thanks for posting all this. You are quite the woodworker.
  11. Nice work. Thanks for taking the time to post all these pictures, I have loved following this thread to the point that I am looking for a Crosley.
  12. I think because paint work is so costly and so involved. They would rather be driving with rugged paint than saving and saving for a paint job that will make them to afraid to drive the car. Also patina seems to be in fashion in anything from clothes to furniture. I agree with you on this, even the most terrible job i.e scraping grease is more fun someone to chat with while in the process.
  13. Nice progress, I wouldn’t measure enough and cut the hole the wrong size so good luck to you.
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