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  1. Yes they are. You can contact me at..... mjrbird@yahoo.com
  2. Thank you Marty for the positive comments
  3. I’m located in New Orleans, La. This is a partial list:, Steering wheel with steering column & gear box, 2 exhaust manifold ( one used & one new- never installed), one head ( cracked, repairable I think), one crank shaft,5-valve covers, 15+ or- hubcaps, 2 carburetors, 3 water pumps, sheet metal that runs along the bottom of the engine, 1-radiator. I have 3 large plastic storage boxes full of miscellaneous parts like shock absorbers & some parts I don’t recognize..... I don’t want to sell individual parts, I’m trying to clean out the garage. You can contact me individually at..... mjrbird@yahoo.com. Thank you for looking
  4. For 50 years I have collected parts for my 1933 Buick( model57). It’s time to clean out the garage. I’m looking for someone to purchase the entire lot. This will be a great deal for someone, there are a lot of parts. I don’t want to deal with individual purchases.
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