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  1. Good morning Steve -- The Model T NH carb came out in 1920. It is the best made carb that was ever used on the Ford. --- George
  2. Thank you. I am learning more about carburetors. I am currently working on secondary air flow in carbs. Zenith seems to be a carb that works no matter what you need. Thank you for sending me information and photos.
  3. Good evening Frank --- Thank you for your reply. I have a copy of the article by Tim Simonsma. If you can send a copy of the Campbell article, I would appreciate it. Do you know if anyone has installed a venturi in their carburetors? If they have I would like to talk to them about secondary air. Where are you located? I am in Connecticut. Thanks again. --- George
  4. That is excellent gentlemen --- What did you do for their restoration to make them work well? Did you ever install a venturi in it to make the flow better? --- gk3
  5. I would like to know if any owners have successfully use original Maxwell carburetors for a two cylinder engine.
  6. Good morning David --- Thank you for the photo. I am going to go to Long Island, New York next week and take a series of photos of the Maxwell. I did not think that the number my friend sent me was correct. I will just go there and take photos for myself. The fact that he sent me videos of the car is good in that the owner is cranking the engine while my friend videoed it. The intake valves are stuck but that is not a big dear. Although I will not start working on this car until next year, I will start applying penetrating oil to as many locations that I can find when I visit. Should I be able to find carburetor details in this forum? Thanks again. --- George
  7. What is the original carburetor on the Maxwell two cylinder engine?
  8. Gentlemen ---Nice to hear from all of you. I planned to send you some photos of the Maxwell that I plan to work on next year but the owner sent me videos and I can not load them in here. Let me just tell you that the number stamped into the back of the engine is 15055. What does that tell us? --- George
  9. Thank you David. I appreciate the info you have sent me. Having spent a little time in Australia, I am aware of how long the distance is between cities and towns in the country. Driving antique cars there takes the fortitude of being Australian. Good on ya. I have written two books about the 1916 ambulance that I built. The first was about the history and build and the second was about six months in France. What a great adventure. I should have the number and some photos of the car by the 8th of November. I am going to send you a photo of what my car looked like when I bought it. The Maxwell is in similar condition. Thank you for your help. --- George
  10. Good afternoon David --- We are having our first snow today and I know that you are entering summer. I would prefer that. I was in Sydney during the bicentenary of Australia. I also got to Brisbane and Tasmania. I was in the United States Coast Guard and was on the sailing ship Eagle which is our training ship. Your car look wonderful. I had a 1912 Ford that was the same color. I hope that I can get a copy of your upcoming book. I will get the number from my friends Maxwell. He is the gentleman that I bought the Orient from and I would like to buy his Maxwell but if I get to restore it, I will drive it quite a bit. I will let you know what I find. I am sure it is a roadster. Am I correct in assuming that all of the touring cars were four cylinder engines? Here is a photo of the engine in my Orient. --- George
  11. Good afternoon David --- Thank you for the reply. I do not own a Maxwell but I have restored many cars. I am currently working on a 1901 Orient made by Waltham Manufacturing Company. The man who owns the 1907 Maxwell sold me the Orient. He is interested in having me restore his car. It is a roadster with a two cylinder engine. I like to do research so I can do work perfectly. I do not know what model it is. Am I correct in assuming that the touring cars had four cylinder engines and the roadsters two? What kind of a Maxwell do you own? Where do you live in OZ? --- George
  12. Is there a good book on the history of Maxwell cars that is available?
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