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  1. alsancle - thanks for the info as well.
  2. Mark - are you suggesting that both options were available in '31? WW vs. BW was just one of the many upgrades, like 5 or 6 wheels? I'm looking to have a really nice DD that is mechanically solid. Sounds like a BW is better choice for me. Any thoughts on wire spoke color? thanks George
  3. I'm in the early stages of a '31 Oldsmobile F31 Patrician restoration. So far, I'm spending lots of time doing research and learning. I've found some info on paint colors. The two paint color items that seem to be unanswered are; 1. Would the standard car have had black wall or white wall tires? I have found some photos of restorations and advertisements. All seem inconclusive and show a variety of both. 2. The model I have includes 6 wire wheels. What color would the wire/rim have been? I'm thinking it is black, based on the color of the car. Car is a black/gree
  4. The intent is to restore to an excellent daily driver that can go to some local shows - but mostly just enjoy with family/friends. Must be mechanically sound. With that being said, most items will need to be redone. I have been pursuing 31/32 examples of restorations for a while and it looks like people make a lot of modifications. Some look really nice. Some! Although mods may be minor, they are noticeable - such as color schemes, interior materials, patterns, parts, etc. I am looking to keep the car "original" in look. same color, same style, same engine, etc. I may need to take ti
  5. chistech - new to this website, forum, etc. I am finding your posts invaluable. I am also realizing how ignorant I am to the restoration process. My back story is simple. My Dad bought a 1932 Oldsmobile (Patrician) back in the early 1960's. He and a buddy of his got the car working/drive able. He and my Mom used to drive it around on Sundays as their recreational activity. Anyway, the car ended up in multiple barns and was eventually transported to the house I grew up in back in the early 70's. Growing up, my Dad would tell my twin brother and I that we would restore the car when
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