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  1. My dads car, I learned automotive stuff on this car. I had small hands back then.
  2. I can't find anymore info on what it is. Thought it might be European. The web has been no help. But here you guys are nice. Thank you.
  3. More pics. Someone replated or buffed it to much. Cant fully read makers mark on top. And couldn't take pic without that reflection.
  4. It had a wire,6 volt, wire crumbled and socket inside was destroyed, old bulb just fell out. Hook on top to hang it.
  5. It looks as if it was a small kind of drop light to plug into car. I just don't know and father doesn't remember. Thank you.
  6. Thought the club members that know him would enjoy. Car is still with a family member. And he is doing well. Thank you all, Eric S.
  7. Horn button from fathers part collection. Was a spare for his senior '36 packards. Please make a reasonable offer. Thank you.
  8. These were from my fathers collection. I do not know value or if anyone would want them. Thank you for any advice. Any money will go to my dad.
  9. 3 clocks, two rebuilt one for parts. Make an offer.
  10. 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 Packard Radiator Cap. Two for $175.
  11. EE3 was for 1936 packard 12. Professionally rebuilt. Has linkages on it.
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