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  1. Well...I've got another leak. Not the cooler this time though. This leak is up at the power steering pump. Not sure where exactly so I'm hoping someone has had this problem before. The leak seems to be dripping from the power steering pump somewhere, pooling in the pulley, and then dropping to the ground. The hose connection at the pump seems dry so I'm not sure where the leak is coming from. I'm worried that I overfilled the power steering fluid. Could that have caused this to happen? The fluid is pretty low now. I'm also concerned since the fluid goes in purple-ish but ends up looking r
  2. It's not pretty but I managed to make the autozone kit work. Barney Eaton I will definitely reach out if I run into any trouble with this set up. So far there's no more leak and the squeal is mostly (if not completely) gone. Might be a little bit of air in the system still. Am I correct in thinking this air should evacuate the system after a bit of driving? The Hose splice that came with the kit was not designed to connect two plain hoses...but it seems to be working fine. I have attached images to help anyone that decides to use this kit in the future, and so my wor
  3. Found a full kit on autozone for $20. https://www.autozone.com/external-engine/power-steering-oil-cooler/compressor-works-power-steering-oil-cooler-911009/577703_524155_0 Is this a good option or am I better off getting a bigger/better trani cooler?
  4. Finally put some fluid in to double check the leak location. Looks like it is the cooler after all. It is pretty rusty (Pretty sure it's the original). I know people talk about replacing these with a trani-cooler. Does anyone know where I can find a stock cooler, eBay maybe, or should I be looking for something else to replace with? Would the imperial power steering cooler be a good bet? https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/imperial-power-steering-oil-cooler-241009/19230069-P?navigationPath=L1*14921|L2*15009|L3*15706 Thanks for the quick help!
  5. I've got power steering fluid leaking out of the rubber hose at the connection to the cooler in front of the radiator. Seems to be the driver side hose at the point where the hose connects to the cooler. I'm trying to tighten the hose clamps but it looks like there is a small split on the end of the hose right under the clamp. Is there an easy fix for this other than replacing the hose? Also any ideas on what the part number would be? I'm guessing GM would still have that part? I appreciate the help! It's an 89 Reatta by the way. Has the cooler with the fins but the cooler seems to b
  6. Thanks for the quick responses everyone! I ended up calling East Coast Reatta Parts and they have the part + they will be driving to my city on Saturday so they can drop it off in person! Now I just have to sort out the rest of the issues with my Reatta...
  7. Need some help here. Just went through the process of repairing the A/C in my 89 Buick Reatta. Old compressor was frozen. Had my mechanic replace compressor, orifice, etc. Everything is ready to go except... There is a hole in the high line leading away from the compressor. Apparently the metal is too thin to mig weld. I've called a few Buick dealerships and the part is discontinued. Any ideas on where I can get this hose? Is there some sort of hose kit that I can use to build what I need? Or is my only option to try to find a junk yard with Reatta parts? Any help is g
  8. Headlights are fully functional, thanks Dean! In case anyone was wondering...if you ground the green wire C on the other terminal plug you will short your battery and have to replace it. Luckily mine was new and in warranty and autozone replaced it without issue. Had to undo that wiring and ground the yellow wire C and now everything is working properly. Hopefully the reduced load will prevent the headlight switch from burning out anytime soon. Haven't had to replace it yet and it's been running halogen lights for a while. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the tip about the LED lights DS_PORTER. I'm in the process of installing these lumen lights : https://www.carid.com/1988-buick-reatta-headlights/lumen-4x6-rectangular-halo-led-headlights-2650089675.html and I am having an issue with the headlamps lowering. I found the headlight control module but I'm not experienced with wiring diagrams and am not sure which plug is c1. Is it the one with 4 wires with green colors? or the one with 5 wires that are red and yellowish? Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't want to do any unnecessary wiring (already did that once).
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