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  1. Seems despite the amount of damage there is always a story to be told. Mike
  2. Thanks for the reply Gene. I'll definitely keep you in mind as I progress on my journey. Philly wood be do able for me drive wise as long as the weather was decent. Looks like you have a garage door project going there. Good luck and be careful with those springs! Mike
  3. Deer or ditch? Next time take the deer. I have reading and gleaning information for a couple years but now I really need some help. Waiting for a review of the damage by my local body guy to see if we are in the repair or replace mode. Thought I would be a little pro active and start investigating the availability of front end components. Below is a listing of some of the damaged parts and a few pictures. LH-RH front fenders PS clam shells Upper and lower front bumpers Painted piece behind the bumper and below the grill Cathedral
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