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  1. Good information. Can you tell me where to find the serial number of the engine? I assume the first step is to identify what I actually have.
  2. Can any of you guys suggest a good place to buy engine parts for the 32 BB? It has a four cylinder. I am not certain if there was just one mode available or if I even have the original engine in the truck. Looking for advice as to how to identify what I have and where to get parts.
  3. it is amazing how much information and the level of detail you guys have. I read the link you had sent. It is very interesting and I would bet these guys really know what they are talking about. Regardless of the minute details, I would think finding another truck in this condition like this would be very difficult.
  4. Thanks again guys. Great information. If you know of anyone looking to buy I may be interested in selling. Brent 816-719-2637
  5. Thanks guys! What a wealth of knowledge you are. My father, who was a city employee bought this truck from the City of Kansas City who had used it for a Fire Department hose truck at one time. As far as I know, our family is the second owner of this truck. The condition is incredible in the grand scheme of things. It's all there and in good shape. I did see a small spot on the drivers door toward the bottom that appears to have some putt in it. Absolutely no visible rust that I can see. If a guy was looking for one of these, it would appear he would sure have a hard time finding one.
  6. I have a 32 BB with a pickup bed configuration and four cylinder engine. The truck is not restored, is all stock and is in very good shape. It runs and drives well and has been garaged for decades. No rust or body damage, just faded paint. Can anyone point me in a direction to estimate the value of the truck? Brent
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