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  1. @nearchocolatetown -- Here's a couple pictures the shop took of the engine before they started working on it.
  2. Here are a few pictures my dad took of the DB before it went into the shop. I'm not sure if these will help pinpoint the year.
  3. @nearchocolatetown - I'll ask if he knows if it's a magneto or Delco distributor. I don't know if he'll know off hand. He was supposed to get it back Thursday this week, but I guess there was an issue with the timing, so they're looking into that now. When he get's it back in his own garage, I'll be sure to look for those stamped serial numbers and get some updated pictures.
  4. Thanks Mark. I forwarded my dad the ebay listing. He text me today with the car's vin number. He's now saying he's been told the car might possibly be a 1923. Trouble is... the "VIN" number he provided looks odd. Not matching any info I'm seeing on DB production date listings. He's saying the VIN is "S5986COLO". That look right to you guys?
  5. Here's an image of the dash when it first went into the shop about 6 months ago (they're taking their time). Looks like he'll need the trim/bezel as well.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll check with him again for the serial number. The car is currently at a shop having the engine rebuilt/machined. I'm guessing the shop is having a hard time finding the speedometer and that's why my dad is asking if I can find one.
  7. Hello all! My father has spent the last year or so restoring his father's 1916 DB Touring Car. He recently asked me if I could use the power of the internet to find a speedometer and cable assembly, specifically one that hooks to the transmission (not the left front wheel). Could any of you direct me to where I could find these parts? Thank you very much.
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