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  1. I'll let you know when/if I sell it. Kudos to all, particularly @95Cardinalfor that excellent post! Hopefully someone out there wants / will use this! I hate throwing stuff away, knowing that someone, somewhere is searching for that particular thing! Yay!
  2. You did great - just by suggesting that it was a cutoff (which I didn't even look for/at)! So, I guess I'll put it on eBay and see what happens - advertised as a 64 Bonneville part (with a caveat that I don't really know). Any idea what I should charge for something like this? Plus it's long and heavy so will not be cheap to ship from Maine...
  3. The plot thickens! I agree that it doesn't look like Diamond T to me. The cars he was into were old, huge sedans (I'm only 52 so can't even tell you what they were). I do know one of them was a 1965 Catalina - this isn't from that, but he talked about it enough that I remember. I'll sweeten the deal: The first person to definitively match it will get a donation, equal to half of the profit, to the non-political charity of their choice!
  4. Thanks Carolina - we're getting closer! Come on guys, no one out there is a sleuth who wants to match the part to a picture?
  5. Any idea what part of the truck it might be? I looked up Diamond T logos but didn't find one quite like this... Anyway, anyone else have any ideas? I'd love to figure this out!
  6. I suspect this is from a 1960s-era vehicle as that's what my neighbor was into...and we found this in his garage when cleaning it out. Does anyone know what car it's from and what it is? Anyone want to make an offer?
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