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  1. No problem Ted I I’ll be I touch I would love to come by and talk .. funny I also have a 1931 Chevy !!!
  2. I’ll check it out thanks . I’m assuming these parts are hard to come by ?
  3. I am looking for a few parts for a 1934 Chevy half ton pickup 1. original horn with bracket 2. original seat frame/springs 3. Original knee action suspension would like parts to be in good restorable condition . Thanks in advance !!
  4. Ted just wanted to say hello I am new on here . I have 2 1934 Chevy 1/2 tons I have been collecting parts for years and I am almost ready to start restoring. (Been a dream of mine for 15 years now ) Love your work ! I am actually local R.I !! Would love to come see your build . Maybe even talk about you doing some of mine ! As I have 2 young ones and time is limited.
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