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  1. Given it is in Europe thinking it might be the Simca Veddete? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simca_Vedette Again many thanks for the info, nice to finally know what it is as I been wondering every time I drive past it. Much obliged.
  2. Many thanks for that, nice not to tear out more of my hair searching for random emblems to figure out what it is (I got little enough of it left already lol) Got to admit I do wonder what sort of journey that car has been on to be produced in Brazil and ending up in Norway. Such a shame it is just left to rust...
  3. One additional pic from the rear, sorry for the double post but exceeded file limit for including all three on first post.
  4. Hello there. I have driven past this car on several ocassions and recently I had the time to stop and snap a few pics of it. That got me wondering just what make/model it is. Someone claimed it was a 57 bel air but i can see several details that are different, most notably the dip at the top of the grill and the bumper being a different shape. The hood emblem does remind me of Chevy with the chevron but I can't member Chevy having a chevron where they extended the tips with a horizontal line? Sorry for the picture quality not being the best, this has got me stumped for a few days and I hope someone here has the answer to my little mystery.
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