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  1. the car has a Marvel 4 carb the car has been in two collections for over 60 years I will try to pull some pictures from the cloud (not good) thank you
  2. good day all i have just bought a 25 Buick master six that has been in two collections for 60 plus years having some problems with the marvel carb wanting to overflow. i have changed the float over to plastic the seat and needle valve look like new so dose the carb she will run but not very well all of the linkage is I would say perfect with the heater parts are hard to find for the 25 master oh also the clutch is stuck any advise would be great before frustration sinks in and she will have a new home Thank you
  3. Thank everyone for the info the carb is Marvel 4 I did do a wipe down on the car amazing how she cleaned up it has been through two collectors and has been sitting for 60 years did find out the clutch is also a issue will not disengage she may be looking for a new home
  4. having some issues with a 25 master six convertible that i just bought carburetor is in i would say very good had a brass float in it looks like maybe a old door knob that someone made well it worked. i bought a new plastic one and installed. having some leaking through the needle valve the brass seat looks as good as new Any thoughts ?? thank you Mark
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