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  1. Actually says oversize cord. I can not find 31 x 4 tires?
  2. Another lesson to learn. The tires on the 23 say 31 x 4 over sized on them can anybody translate? Thanks
  3. Jim I do need one I also need the drivers outside door handle.
  4. OK I am back looking to pick some brains.. I have located the fire wall tag 2336. I have located the frame tag 864333 and engine tag 858511. As far as the info I have these would be consistent with the 23-36 except motor id# I believe that falls into the 1922 range? I am only basing this on some sheets i copied from different forums? As long as we are at it what motor oil should I use? I am an old street rodder and purchased this car for exactly that but when I got it home I just could not do it, so solid and complete so I am a long way off on the needed knowledge. Any tips on where to buy par
  5. Do you know what it sold for?
  6. Is the car rare because of the doors?
  7. Thanks I went down and looked for the engine tag it is there but hard to see I will have to get a closer look. I do have some pictures I will post. Any info about the suicide doors?
  8. I purchased a Buick last week. I was told by the owner it was a 1921 and he had the registration. After getting it home and started poking around it appears it is a 1923 36 according to tag on the firewall. The frame # is 864333and I am not sure where to find the engine # Also this car has one seat as 3 passanger and suicide doors. Any help Thanks Mike
  9. Looking for drivers side outer door handle. Thanks Mike
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