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  1. Thanks. Sorry it took so long to response. I never knew there was a response. I will work on it and let you know.
  2. Thank you for the information. Very helpful
  3. I would have never figured that out. Thanks. Also, thanks for the advice to clean my carpet when it fails 😂
  4. I’m not sure what this is used for. It’s located to the left of my brakes on 1966 AMC Ambassador
  5. I’m able to open the the top using the switch but it appears to not have enough power to bring it back up. I noticed a little fluid under the rear seat next to the window. Not sure if it’s a hydraulic leak or what..
  6. Convertible top will go back but will not come back up unless I pull it. I saw some fluid under the back seat, right edge. Thinking it’s a hydraulic issue.
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