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  1. Anyone have experience replacing the windshield gasket on a '30 model coupe (6-30B)? Mine is particularly dried up along the bottom edge. Any suggestions? Gary
  2. Anyone have experience replacing the run channels for windows on a 6-30B? Steele Rubber Co. a generic product that can be cut to fit & it appears to be ok but I'd welcome some input if anyone has experience with this. Thanks, Gary
  3. Hey Mikefit, just stumbled upon your post about the enclosed trailer. I'm in the early stage of looking over trailers 28' - 30'. Do you still have one for sale? If so, can you give me any details? Thanks, Gary
  4. My Grandpa drove a '26 model Nash as a young man about the time he & my Grandmother got married. I'm looking for help identifying the car in the photo because the badge & the radiator cap don't appear to be that of a Nash from that era. I thought that Nash had a circular top where as this one has a pentagonal top. I also can't make out the grill badge. Any help is appreciated. Gary
  5. I'm new to this end of auto collecting but what's the best avenue to find the value of a 90 yr. old vehicle? Been trying to get the approx. value of a '30 model Pontiac Big 6 Coupe that's body & interior are in pretty good condition; exterior finish is intact but faded. Further, the vehicle is presently in driving condition. Any help is appreciated.
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