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  1. Looking for the rubber gaskets for the rear tail lights, as well as the “Fluid Drive” light. I noticed my drivers side tail light has no gasket at all, the right and the center are in bad shape. Thanks! Rudy
  2. Here’s from my ‘48: 15” wheel, the tire size is 7.6-15. Mine are Bedfords. I don’t know much more about the wheels except that they are original.
  3. I have a ‘48 Windsor, and Mine is cracked as well! Yours looks great, I’d Lea it well enough alone! You can’t find one in good shape anymore. I’m talking with a friend that does 3D printing to see if it’s something he can print.
  4. Hi Tom, I appreciate the offer. I’m not looking for another Windsor, I think my hands are full with this one. But, PM me for what you want for it, I may have someone interested.
  5. Hi all, I’m looking for the tail lights for a 1948 Chrysler Windsor. The driver’s side is broken, the passenger side is good though. Here’s a pic of what it looks like. Thanks a bunch!
  6. I may do that! Can you tell me if it’s still in the vehicle, or out already? That’ll tell me what I need to bring. Thanks!
  7. Hi Bob, what do you have? Maybe if it’s worth while, I can pay to have it shipped.
  8. Thanks to both of you. I actually have family in WA, and I’ve wanted to drive it from NM. So, I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for your offers!
  9. Hi all, I’m looking for the original C38 engine that came with the ‘48 Windsor. The PO blew the original and put a D24 in it, which is 2” shorter. I’ve worked on cars for years, but new to car restoration, so I’m open for other options like an engine from a later model that would work, or even a slant 6 or a 318. Also, l’d like to get the transmission and the radiator. Thanks a bunch! Rudy
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