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  1. This Jeep has an original data plate on it that says it was manufactured in May of 1945. I do not believe it saw any service during the war, most likely surplused after the war. It was frame up restored in 2006 in Milwaukee. I acquired it in 2008 and added the missing components such as foot rests, original first aid kit, original fire extinguisher, etc.. This Jeep is complete with the exception of an original jack & winch. I named it Mighty Mouse and added the Kilroy cartoon as well. It is currently for sale.
  2. Hello everyone I was wondering if Ford Jeeps built during WWII are of any interest on this forum?...or do these belong in another category?...Thank you.
  3. In 1930 a custom Brunn bodied Town Car was built for the Reza Shah (King) of Persia by the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company of Buffalo NY. George H Woodfield, who had been employed by Brunn & Co Coachbuilders, but loaned to Studebaker, designed this custom automobile. Originally painted white with 24k gold plated brightwork, the car had custom crowns embedded with semi-precious jewels on both rear doors and in the rims above the fender mounted headlights. The interior featured champagne colored silk upholstery, inlaid satin wood trim and wolfhound fur rugs on the floor. The rear seats were embroidered with the Persian crown. The total bill came to approx. $30,000 dollars. At that time it was billed as "The worlds costliest car." At some point in the car's history, it was repainted blue with black fenders and sidemounts were added. This car currently is on display in the National Car Museum in Tehran, Iran.
  4. Hello Jeff, I was at that Peerless/Pierce-Arrow Gathering in 2013 and really enjoyed the camaraderie shared by both clubs. I have proposed an idea to the Gathering at Gilmore committee to repeat the gesture, only this time let's add a few Packard members for a reunion of the 3 P's at Gilmore. The idea is for the Packard members to bring vehicles prior to 1938 as to the last year of Pierce-Arrow production. I think it would be quite the show! As for the Pierce-Arrow Museum page, since the Packard club already has numerous sites on Facebook, it was decided not to bring them on to the museum page but keep it for Peerlees and Pierce-Arrow members only. I hope this page helps to revive interest in both vehicle makes, and possible score some new members for both clubs. Welcome aboard.
  5. For those members of both AACA and the PAS, the Pierce-Arrow Museum at Gilmore page is up and running on Facebook. You can post photos of Pierce-Arrow and Peerless automobiles, parts and memorabilia for comments and discussion, and post for sale and want ads for both Peerless and Pierce-Arrow vehicles. If you are already a Facebook member, come check us out...https://www.facebook.com/groups/2690180121207927
  6. Hello Peerless members, In the spirit of friendship and co-operation, and the fact that Peerless automobiles were regarded as one of the three P's of luxury automobiles in their time, the Pierce-Arrow Museum at Gilmore Facebook page is open to Peerless members for posting photos, comments and discussions about Peerless automobiles, memorabilia, and for sale and want ads as well. If you are currently a Facebook member, come check us out... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2690180121207927
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