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  1. Your Contact information (Phone/Email/Private Message/???): mkrofthings@gmail.com Asking Price: $9800 Willing to take trade? (Y/N): N Year: 1991 Body Type: Coupe: ____ Conv: _X___ VIN: 1G4EC33L3MB900546(Recommended) Vehicle Location: (if applicable) NH Mileage:54000+/-(Highly recommended) Mileage considered correct? (Y/N): Y I have owned this Reatta for: _____ Years and/or _____ Months. I am the ___1___ owner of this Reatta. Title Status: Clear__X__ Salvage ____ Other ______________________ (Explain)
  2. I went out and got this image so you experts could get a more up close view and make a ruling. As I originally stated my FIL has no real recollection of anything being done to it but that in no way means something was not done to it. He had quite a few dealerships and quite a few cars he speculated on and didn't really pay a whole lot of attention to so anything is possible and obviously if a red top was not even available as an inventory item it could not have been switched out if the original pick part was somehow defective or damaged. If not original it's in good shape it's just red.
  3. I sort of have to concur as we have really looked into a ton of old photos and there's another shot of it up at the lake house we can identify the timing of and it was a about year after delivery and it has a red roof and we can't imagine it needing a roof in it's first year and especially as it has sustained no damage since it was new. My FIL also swears it had a red roof and the original photo he showed was the day after it had arrived at the dealership and it certainly looks pretty new though it was not the actual focus item in the shot it's sitting right behind my wife and and her mother.
  4. Awesome Barney and I do appreciate it very much. I took a good look at the photo and I can't say I have a real time reference to go by in it and my FIL is quite old these days and while still as sharp as a razor it could be the type of thing he would just pass over as he had so many cars over the years scattered around here and there...I'll tell you about the GNX in the basement of one of the buildings sometime...lol Anyway...40T...there it is!
  5. OK I got the Bradford Williams figured out...product manager at the dealership who put in the order....white top is still a mystery. In any case I'm grateful for the input and the insight.....great stuff! We are consolidating and downsizing so some things simply have to go and this is one of them as we just don't drive it anymore. It has always been a great driver and I am sure with a little work it will really give someone some good times for ,any more years to come.
  6. Interesting as I saw similar data in the report and all but this car is untouched...I have pictures of it when new at the dealership...red top and manufactured for documentation to L. Aranosian (my Wife) and my wifes' dad was a Buick dealer for over 40 years and has the order paperwork somewhere...it's strange...I specifically asked him about the roof and he affirmed always been red and showed me the picture.
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