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  1. Thanks for your help - this is from Battling Butler - (a) 1926 (Buster Keaton) movie.
  2. Could even be a fleetwood
  3. Yeah, the hood ornament?
  4. From the movie, Stand In (1937)
  5. Oh interesting, that is great, i will forward it to him
  6. Quite right, you Must stay with the flow of traffic.
  7. Beautiful ideas I will definitely share with him
  8. I think he told me his budget might be under 40,000 dollars. A bit more limiting.
  9. Sure! Thanks for your responses, this has been very helpful so far!
  10. Wow, those are so cool! He loves those, but he thinks that maybe something earlier would suit his wants/needs better! Those are incredible, in my opinion! You run this place, i suppose https://www.harwoodmotors.com/vehicles/inventory_results.php Cool beans! I always dreamed of photographing cars for a showroom like that, Cool!
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