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  1. Thank you all for all the sound advice. We are going to try and tackle the wood frame up restoration to original. Our team here has tons of experience, just never done a wood car before. Should be fun. I will keep everyone posted as it progresses.
  2. Hi! I do have the steering column and gear box as well as the wheel. I am missing the door handles and one of the brass bolts for the rumble seat. Fairly complete car.
  3. That is what I thought as well. I thought superchargers came after 1931 on the Blue Streak's. However, take a look at these pics.....
  4. Hello! thank you. That is what I figured from the info from the Graham club. Any idea how many of these were made? How many still exist? I am measuring my next step. I was thinking about replacing all the wood with steel as all the wood is basically gone, rotted or termite infested. I want to be careful to to destroy the value of the car if it is fairly rare. I have not see any other 822's before (Other than the one owned by Nev). Is there any way to find out its purchase or owner history? I am always amazed by cars from this era and the people that owned them. Thank you again for all your help. -Bob
  5. Hello all. I am a new Graham owner. I am a little confused as I can not seem to find any info on this cars model, production numbers, etc. It appears to be an all original (including the paint!) 1930 (I think) coupe. It is an 8 cylinder with the supercharger. It has hydraulic brakes. What is interesting is that it has vents on the hood sides instead of louvers. I am attaching pictures of the car and all its number plates. The wood is mostly toast (damn termites). Missing door handles, one of the hinge screrws for the rumble seat (the big 5/8 brass bolt) and a few other parts. Following are its numbers. The last pic of the black car is a picture I found on the Internet that indicates that is a 1930 (second series) Blue Streak. That car appears to be the same as this one (same hood vents). The article that was attached to that image was very poor. I thought all Blue Streaks were of the newer streamlined design. Thank you in advance for any help!! -Bob Serial Number: 616184 621253 Body Number: 315 130 Date Plate?: 30 9
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