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  1. It has a small back seat (will load pic soon) and says "Special" on dash
  2. Thank you; Do you know which state he sold the first one in.
  3. Thank You for your guidance; I will try to get info tomorrow - if not it will be Monday.
  4. Car will eventually be For Sale. Offers & Visits welcome (Logan, WV) What type of information do you need to determine interest ? What additional pictures do you need ?
  5. I'm trying to load more pictures; It could be running with minimal work; It was running when parked (approximately 2 years ago). Previous Owner got sick & then passed. A few pictures have been posted of the 29 Buick (more to follow).
  6. Value Range ? And what info people need to be able to express an opinion.
  7. I'm looking for a range on value and wanted to see what type of questions would come from experienced people so I knew what I needed to know. Thanks.
  8. Yes about original under the hood; I'm trying to post interior and motor pictures but i'm not very good on the computer. Keep checking; I will find help.
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