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  1. The 37 and 38 Buicks were sold late 2020.........Sorry i posted sale in wrong place. The 29 is still available; I have a potential buyer but he wants to "destroy" the car.
  2. DMV found the title. We now have a clear title for the car. Thanks for everyones help !
  3. The "deceased Gentleman" who left this car to my friend misplaced or hid for safe keeping the title & registration card. What is the easiest & least expensive way to get a duplicate ? Thanks for your help.
  4. Have you established an asking price ?
  5. Car is in great shape but has been setting for a couple years in a climate controlled garage. Will answer any questions that you have.
  6. Do we need to cancel & relist or can we move it intact tothe For Sale category?
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