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  1. Thanks! Don't have a car these will fit so won't be mounting them but great to know. Not sure if I'll keep these for sentimental reasons or try and sell them.
  2. You folks are awesome! My dad had a big Ol'Olds 98 back in the day. Loved that car. What a deluxe cruiser, it had all the bells and whistles taken for granted nowadays but a rare and plush luxury back then. As Sherlock would say ... well done Watson, and Fleek and 8E45E too. Glad to know these most likely came from his ride and it was "Your Fathers Oldsmobile". Thanks again everyone for all your help!!! Nostalgia Bob
  3. Thanks for the replies! Believe it is 14" and yes the emblem does pry off but only reveals a hole.
  4. Came upon these hubcaps my dad saved and was wondering what they go to. Seen a lot of images for spoked Oldsmobile hubcaps but not with the word Oldsmoblie in the center. Thanks, Bob
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