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  1. I checked the connections from the ammeter and they are clean and tight. The lights work, but no power to the starter button, heater, coil etc... when the ignition is on. There is power to one side of the switch. Unless there is a fuse somewhere can the switch be taken apart and cleaned? If not, does anyone know where one can be found? Thanks for any info.
  2. Thanks for the info John and Marty. I finally got back to the Caddy today. I found no power coming from the starter button. I bypassed the button. The car turns over nicely, but no spark. I'm going to check the cap and rotor tomorrow. Is it possible the ignition switch is bad? Also, is there a fuse somewhere in the circuit?
  3. My friends 39 cadillac does not do anything when the start button is pushed. The battery is good. Headlights work. The car sat for a while with the battery corroded so I changed the cables, but no action. Could the solenoid contacts be corroded?
  4. Thanks a lot Larry. I can see how that can be a problem. I will definitely check that out soon. Right now we are dealing with a huge fire here just south of Portland Oregon so we are watching things very closely.
  5. Thanks for the information, Tom. I will give it a go. If by chance they do not light, does that wire come from under the dash from the fuse box area?
  6. Thanks for the reply,Ray. The tail lights and turn signals work, but the brake lights don't so maybe it is the switch. How do you jumper the switch and where would I find the wiring diagram?
  7. pasha


    My friend has a 1939 cadillac that won't start. I turn the key and push starter button and nothing. The old battery sat for many years and was corroded. I replaced the cables with heavier ones like I've been reading. Headlights work but nothing at starter. I'm thinking it something to do with the solenoid. Can I remove it with the starter still in to check the contacts for corrosion?
  8. Hello Everyone! The center brake light and license plate lights do not work. I checked the bulbs and connections and they look fine. Are they on the same circuit and are there fuses for them under the dash? Also, are the rear lights only parking and signal lights and not brake lights?
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