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  1. Hi Don, I'm in Warrnambool, Victoria 3280, Australia. The correct carb for my car is Carter DRH-0 (see my attachments). Do any of your carbs have that marking? Regards, Martin
  2. Thanks Viv. Great set of photos. I have saved them all!
  3. Hi Don, Would you consider shipping to Australia? At what cost? Looks like the same carb as on my '28 Series 320. Martin
  4. What years do you cover? I'm specifically interested in 1928 Standard Six (Series 320).
  5. I got what I think is the correct answer over in the General Forum - 1928/29 Dodge Victory Six. Thanks for our input, ojh!
  6. Mick and Keiser, I think you nailed it. Thanks!
  7. 1978! With the '28 Chrysler, one of the two vintage cars we had at our wedding. The misty looking photo is not damaged - our photographer was "arty"!
  8. This pair of headlamps came with my 1928 Nash Standard Six, along with another (different) pair. Neither were attached. I suspect that these are not Nash, or are they? Anyone recognise them? The decorative line is quite distinctive and may be a clue?
  9. I got two pairs of headlights with my '28 Nash Standard Six (Series 320) and suspect that this style is not correct, but I don't really know. Can anyone confirm whether they are or are not correct, or what make of car they may belong to? I imagine that the decorative lines on the top sweeping down over the back might be a recognisable feature?
  10. Just found this forum and now looking forward to my daily dose of Nash! I have a 1928 Standard Six Series 320 sedan (in pieces). This model has the flathead engine. I can't see any paint left on the engine, and wonder if anyone knows what colour they were painted. Anyone got an original colour photo of an unrestored engine bay that might show this detail? Here's a photo of my old girl on the day I picked it up, aged 16, in Dec 1970. Wish I hadn't pulled it apart!
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