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  1. Hi Greg - winner was drawn and announced on 9/16/2020. Thank you to all who participated and helped raise good money for a great charity. All the best, Brian https://youtu.be/xw2vvgFZoMM
  2. Wayne - thank you again for the wonderful insight and information; very much appreciated. I've asked for some editing to be done! Thank you, Brian
  3. Wayne - No worries on the “doubting Thomas” bit. The raffle is legit. The ticket money goes directly into the St. Jude’s System when you enter. To verify this, please go to the link and click on "Make a Donation & Enter to Win" button and you will see that it takes you directly to St. Jude's for processing. You will also see a link to over 30 more pictures of the vevhicle. The way the raffle came to be is as follows - Elgin Fastener Group is a respected domestic manufacturer of specialty fasteners, with seven facilities in the United States. One of the companies in our portfolio, Chandler Products, manufactured vehicles, and later on made specialty fasteners in the same facility in Euclid, Ohio. This vehicle has been in the lobby of the building for over 20 years as a show piece. In 2019, we, the Elgin Fastener Group, consolidated operations into other Cleveland area facilities and needed to move the vehicle. We elected to partner with one of our customers and promote the raffle for charity. I will appreciate any bits of information to make the description more accurate - and at the end of the day, it's a $98 opportunity to win a running automobile and help children. In attempts to make the description as accurate as possible, I've reached out to various sources, including Roger Chandler of the Chandler Car Club, and welcome any insight into the specs. While I am car guy myself, my focus in on 1st gen Camaro and 2nd gen Corvette restomods, so have little knowledge of cars of this era. All the best, Brian
  4. Good evening. I hope you are all staying healthy and well. I also hope you do not mind me posting this here, but if it’s an issue, please advise. Obviously, there are some old car enthusiasts amongst this group and their friends, and we have a 1922 Chandler Six that we are raffling off for charity. This car is in excellent condition for 98 years old and we are offering tickets at $98/each entry, with the proceeds going to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. The YouTube video features the mechanic who got it running for us, and he provides a good overview. Here is the link to the charity raffle benefitting St. Jude's. https://lp.wurthindustry.com/w%C3%BCrth-elgin-st.-jude-fundraiser Also, video with commentary from the restoration shop owner about the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH1AK32MTAA Any help in getting this opportunity cascaded would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brian
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