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  1. Sorry to resurrect a old thread, but this one was calling my name. In june 2020 i purchased my reatta, and the owner said he had owned it since 2010, but he got it from auction, and he found a very peculiar item in the car when he inspected it (on sight unseen) so in that sense he lucked out. This item was a knife, im not sure if its for fishing or something more melicious but its definetely a beefy boy. Picture below
  2. So i went into the store today and it was the first snowfall of the season here in MI and i come out and someone had backed into the front of my reatta. Trailer hitch dent in the bumper and the passenger side close to fender is hanging down. I would like some advice as what my options are (if the bumper will live on or if i should look for a new one) thanks all!
  3. Hey guys can someone tell me what the push button on the end of my turn signal stick is? Most buttons and switches are faded
  4. Hi I am looking to put a new filler neck on my reatta, and there are 2 options I can find with slightly different dimensions. However one is substantially cheaper. The two that I am looking at are the dorman 577-236 [diameter:1.25 inches legnth: 27 inches.]This is the pricy option option 2 is spectra premium fn980. [diameter:1.50 inches length :26.5 inches] this option is cheaper. thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)
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