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  1. The manual chock work. I have noticed that i tried to start it just after running, but can't get started.
  2. Hello friends. Soon bought a 39 Dodge Business Coupe with flathead engine. Everything is fine just one issue keep bothering me: The car always very hard to start, just cranking, no fire. But if I put some petrol or start-up spray, then immediately fire up until you turn it off. Even the engine is warm, I must repeat the same process to restart it. With mechanics checked everything include good compression, still no idea what's going wrong..... NEW spark plugs, New carburetor Stromburg BXV-3 (checked, originally equipped with that ), New battery, New fuel pump. Just curious where is the problem, guys please advice. Thank you !
  3. I do found it but seems nothing matchs the "VIN" No. I tried to find the No. on left side frame rail around the battery holder, but discover nothing.....
  4. Hello Everyone I'm a newbie here and happy to join the forum Soon bought a 1941 Olds , the title shows VIN:1412246 But I can not find the number any where. I have uploaded all numbers which I can find on the car but none of them matchs the VIN on title.. So any one can help which number is that 1412246? where can I find it on the car Thanks in advance!
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