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  1. I have a P6 B coupe made in Windsor Canada body number 486 which would have been a early production run 38 business coupe. It has a 218.06 motor with a 3.375 bore. I have a 25 inch long block. The motor is stamped Truck motor. My question is when did Windsor start producing 218.06 motors? I heard the factory opened in summer 38. If that is true where did Windsor Canada get there motors for there pre 218 factory 38's ? I may be the only one known who has a 38 Windsor business coupe. Since they were sworn to put 218's in there 38's where did they get them from? Canadas 218's had 3.375 bores? Who
  2. I just purchased a 1938 P6 that was made in Windsor. I imagine the car was sold to a Canadian citizen when new. Who would l talk to about the history of the Windsor factory? Canadian cars seemed to have different options, color codes Engines etc. My email is tmtalaskanmalamutes@gmail.com
  3. Members 0 2 posts My Project Cars:1938 P6 Delux Business Coupe Report post #27 Posted just now The Plymouth motor in 1938 that was made in Canada was a 218. They decided to make only one motor for economic reasons. they could not support making a 201 and a 218. They went with a 218 25" because they could use that block for a larger variety of engine offerings. I have not confirmed it yet but the 218 in Canada did
  4. Well, there is quite a list l have found . I will stick with the motor which is a 1938 Truck motor made in the USA. You would think somebody switched the motor since Canada made the 217 and ID on this block indicates built in USA. Interesting point is the block has a block heater for cold weather starts. Canada equals cold weather. Was the car ordered with that block heater from the USA and shipped to Canada for installation? Did they offer block heaters only for truck motors? Did they only install motors with block heaters in the USA? I would have to check to see if a car engine casting had
  5. Wayne from Plymouth Doctor and wife stopped by in Ludington on ther way to Traverse city MI to see the 38 Business coupe. Of course he brought some much needed parts with him . He went through every question and just new everything there is to know. He had great car stories and is a wealth of knowledge about Plymouth History. My brother Jack and myself enjoyed and appreciated the time they took to stop and chair there charm and expertise.
  6. Need to get a set of front leaf springs for my 38. Any suggestions where to buy ? Mine broke on passenger side. I see Advanced auto has some relatively inexpensive from Dorman.
  7. Need to get a set of front leaf springs for my 38. Any suggestions where to buy ? Mine broke on passenger side. I see Advanced auto has some relatively inexpensive from Dorman.
  8. Well the car was built in Canada which from sources who have told me they did things different. Also possibly it was repainted. Thanks for your reply.
  9. My 38 plymouth color code is 1736 which l can not find. It is currently Maroon but may have been repainted. Auto color Library and Paint ref .com does not show
  10. Well dummy me or lucky me. <G> was talking with Wayne Brandon , great guy, looking for parts and found he is very involved with the Plymouth club. My car was appraised as a 1937 and that's what the title says but Wayne's checking found it turns out be a 1938 deluxe coupe P6 B CPE. We also found out the car was made in Windsor Canada. I guess Canada added a little more info on there tags then the cars built in the USA. Anyways the serial number gave us the Canadian connection. Guess l will have to figure out what deluxe means but the word sounds good . Sorry to lead all down the wrong pat
  11. The car was appraised to be a 37. Worth $6500. Money was not the issue as I know I will have more into it then probably what its worth. I don't care honestly. I do but I don't if that makes sense to anybody. I have the VIN and another tag on the car. Don't know if those will tell you the year. The guy selling it at first said it was a 1938 so after Keith's post I am inclined to think it is a 1938. As far as extra cars it could be a good idea. Honestly i am all about new parts. the body will be ok as is except for front floor section and Rockers. Frame has been coated with something black. Coul
  12. The car is completely Stock. The original owner couldn't bring himself to hot rod it and neither will I . Basically I need a book showing where everything goes fire wall ,dash and wiring which is not my best suit. I have all the body parts except running boards which I can fab if I can find a brake. Thanks for your reply.
  13. What is the best manual repair and body to buy for a 37 Plymouth coupe. Looks like they are remaking the original ?
  14. i ended up buying the 37 Plymouth . its actually pretty clean. As you can see the car is maroon or faded red. The interior door panels are Maroon and the seat is beige which I think is pretty neat for the time. It needs some items like a distributor and firewall items. guess I would need a picture or the manual for the car. the main issue is the running boards are toast and the front part of the floor pan needs replaced mostly were the gas and foot pedals are. I will probably switch it over to 12 volt. The frame is in great shape and I will probably power wash then POR 15 it. This car h
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