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  1. I must be dumper than a box rocks. it takes me more than one try just to find my own page. I asked my grand son how do I move pictures from phone to my computer,and got that far. I was a member of corvette forum, no trouble there. I will keep working. A Mr Ron Lawson sent me note will check. Is fea bay on this forum or internet?
  2. help I can not see how to reply
  3. Yes, or Better I can. How do I send picture
  4. wow! that is great looking. I have been two places so far. They do not work on that small. And do not have fittings. They keep referring me. That is why I took a shot here. Thanks
  5. I am new and hope I do not step on toes. recently purchase 1936 Desoto airstream. Has 2 glass windsheld. My question, does anyone know were to get new oil Filter Hoses? My son and have just started.
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