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  1. Can someone please take picture. got new set of nuts and washers. Large flat washers and smaller thicker ones. I have not been able to locate a motor repair shop manual. If you can point in the right direction. Turkey rod run coming to Daytona Beach soon. will be looking in motor book group. thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you very much. I have not gotten to oil filter yet. Great idea. I think I have gotten some from a Willy Jeep out let, will advise later. And again, thanks
  3. on my way to pick up rims from sand blasting , primer and paint. just had rims painted black, for now. when I go to get car paint touch up, will paint outside rim color of car. have chrome rings and hub caps to put on later.
  4. still have not got tires. still have other work to complete. Thanks for info. How do I find out what tire came on car?
  5. 65 was my High School dream car. Have 75 now. yours is great. Good Luck
  6. Can't seem to get correct tire size 36 Desoto custom Airstream. tire that are on car 205 R 16 104s Mich. can not match.
  7. Looking for filter for canister> everyone has short ones> Need 5 1/2" Tall and 4" wide wide. thanks in advance
  8. I already got 1934-1936 Chrysler Master Maintenance Manual. Also got CD from Fax. Thanks for the reply, But I guest only thing left is a parts manual.
  9. I once was able to get a Factory Assembly Manual for a 75 vette. Is there a Assembly Manual for 1936 Airstream?
  10. I must be dumper than a box rocks. it takes me more than one try just to find my own page. I asked my grand son how do I move pictures from phone to my computer,and got that far. I was a member of corvette forum, no trouble there. I will keep working. A Mr Ron Lawson sent me note will check. Is fea bay on this forum or internet?
  11. help I can not see how to reply
  12. Yes, or Better I can. How do I send picture
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