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  1. jeff t

    32 PB door seal

    Thanks everyone
  2. jeff t

    32 PB door seal

    I'm not sure they used anything else from pictures I see that looks like all there was, just wondering if anything else was used. I see in the 33 models there was a seal I think on the top of the doors so I was just digging some, thanks all I will keep looking.
  3. I am working on a 32 PB coupe and not sure if there were door seals and if yes where do they go, on the door or the body. Any guidance would be great and are there seals out there or do I need to make something up, any pictures would be great. Thanks in advance Jeff
  4. Thank you for the tips and information, I was able to find one.
  5. As title says looking for a window regulator, not sure if other models or year work on this car, thanks in advance. Jeff
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