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  1. Dear reader, This is thought to be a 1923 Studebaker Roadster. Reactions are welcome.\ Regards,
  2. Dear reader, In the "What is it?" forum, I was suggested to re-post this photo. Can you please comment?
  3. The bodywork and fender are a very close match indeed, thank you.
  4. Thank you NZcarnerd. Please compare with the photo of the 1921 Studebaker Big Six from Richard Quinn photo collection in "Wanted: Hubcap for 1922 Studebaker EK": the doors are smaller. Also, the hub caps of Studebakers of that era look different.
  5. Dear reader, Any ideas what this could be? The wheel cap shows an emblem. Regards,
  6. Dear reader, This car looks like a 1931 Chevrolet AE Indepence, however, the rear windows do not match other photos I have seen. Look forward to your comments. Kind regards,
  7. On Flickr, I got the following reaction: I'm pretty sure that this is a Rover. The radiator design matches the 1932 Twelve "Pilot" - see upper photos here: www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/forum/phpbb/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?... . The bodywork, however, matches the 1931-2 10/25 "Nizam" semi-sports with coachwork by Carbodies: www.bonhams.com/auctions/10503/lot/42/ ; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rover_Nizam . A rear view of a Nizam compares well with the rear view of this car in one of the other photos: Only a few Rover Nizams survive and none of the photos that I have seen online has the style
  8. I appreciate it! I have looked up several images on the internet and some come quite close to the photos I have posted. Does any reader have an exact match?
  9. Charles Gesner van der Voort's (1916-1991) friend Dorone van den Brandeler (1914-1988) worked for Java-China-Japan Line in Shanghai. They shared a 'mess' with other bachelors. During WW2 Dorone van den Brandeler served in Princess Irene Brigade, Corps Insulinde and NEFIS III. After the war he met his wife Jacqueline in China. After I contacted her we met several times and she shared many stories of the Shanghai and WW2 years and his Shanghai photo album. This photo from his album shows Eduard de Jong, who worked for Netherlands India Trade Bank. In 1942 he was taken prisoner of war by th
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