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  1. Guys, Thank you! I will post back when I get it running, Thanks Jak for the illustrations!
  2. Hello Everyone, does anyone have some basic info on timing a 34 KA 414 V-12? The distributer was removed by someone else and disassembled, I have reassembled it and I know there is a special fixture to get it set correctly but I would like to get it close enough to run before going any further, I have got the engine on #1 (driver side bank) compression stroke and used a camera to find TDC or real close to it, I then pointed the rotor to the marked #1 terminal on the distributer cap and moved the point cam until the points were just starting to open, I then hooked up the rest of the wires to ma
  3. It didn't come through for some reason, can you try again? Thanks
  4. Do you still have any of these? I would like to buy one, Thanks
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