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  1. I enjoyed the videos showing how immaculate this beauty is. I don't think there'd be any headaches after purchase. I think the price is accurate.
  2. Does OP's 1930 Durant scream Bonnie and Clyde or what?
  3. Since putting this 1978 Stutz up for sale, I've run into a collector of Stutzes, and he said he has an Elvis Blackhawk in Pennsylvania. I think he said it's a 1972, and it's not for sale. Below is a photo of it.
  4. Thanks for the link to famous owners of this car, 60FlatTop. I like knowing Willie Mays had a Stutz Blackhawk. I watched him and the other Giants play at Candlestick Park when I was a child. He was my hero growing up. His name on the list of owners is the most rewarding for me.
  5. Just a word about that color . . . I happen to like the color. It gives us a welcome break from the king of colors -- black. I don't know the name of that particular color but it's like burgundy. I have a Corvette that color, and if you call it burgundy the Corvette gods will send lightning bolts down from heaven to melt your car -- yes, they let you live so you can repent your sins. Chevrolet calls that color "Monterey Red" for the 2007. model year. They know if they had called it something less extraordinary people would not pay much attention. So it begs the question, what is the name of t
  6. The current owner, a woman who is now 82, inherited the car in 1983 from a wealthy horse trainer, who died suddenly under a cloud of mystery at age 42. Although her death was declared a suicide, some believed her death should have been investigated further. There was a lot of money involved, apparently. The true story is stanger than fiction. There is no plaque because somebody didn't want to see the original owner's name. And I get that since you pay a lot of money and it's your car and all. Today I learned there may be only 12 1978 Stutz Blackhawks left. The own
  7. They weren't made in America by Pontiac, in case anybody thinks that. I don't know what they were putting in the pasta over there, but it was an Italian design genius who got the crazy idea to create this mystical beast. They were built in Italy using some Pontiac parts, among other sources. Wiki says this: "Blackhawk uses Pontiac Grand Prix running gear, Pontiac's 7.5 L (455 in³) V8 engine, and a GM TH400 three-speed automatic transmission." Also, Ford, Chevrolet and Cadillac engines were used. There was no dedication to one car brand. The dedication was focused on the overall result.
  8. Thanks, Lebowski.That's very kind of you to tell me. BTW, love your avatar. My favorite movie.
  9. Thank you for your comment. BTW, the neighbor is a woman. She loves the car but doesn't drive it anymore. I have edited this ad to show the exact city where the car is located -- Yucca Valley, 25 miles from Palm Springs. I used Palm Springs because who has heard of Yucca Valley? Our claim to fame is that we now have an Arby's. Is there any other way for people to reach my besides through posting a comment? I will be sure to check this post more often, and answer any questions that come up. Very sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I mean well. Motivated seller here.
  10. 56,000 original miles Starts, runs, drives These are rare Located in Yucca Valley PM me for phone number Price: $59,000/BO This beautiful and stylish Stutz is the model that was a favorite of Elvis Presley and countless other Hollywood stars, even Lucille Ball and Sammy Davis, Jr.. If you're looking for a '70s Stutz, then you already know everything I could say. Those who don't, please do a Google search. I am helping my 82 year old neighbor sell this garage queen. Bear with me, I don't know everything about it, but I could try to answer your questions and
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