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  1. Need info on a 1916.??? International firetruck with a 4 cylinder Lycoming KB engine. The number appears to be KB161310H. The head has a casting K110 and KG or could be K6. The truck was manufactured by Long Manufacturing, Detroit. The serial number is 789__. Any info on specs, parts etc would be appreciated.
  2. Great info. Thanks I’ll follow up and am learning more every day. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info; I will follow up. Here's what I have. The engine number is KB 16131OH and the serial number is maybe S ? 89015 or it could be S ? 8911 or S ? 8911? I think the KB engine only has two main bearings. Haven"t gotten into the engine. Trying to learn what the possibilities might be. Are there replacement pistons, rods, crank etc. How have others rebuilt this engine. Or should I be looking for a replacement engine. I do have a very qualified machinist available but we would appreciate tech info on the engine. Thanks
  4. Pictures to follow. Thanks. No idea but know it is a 4 cylinder and have pictures. Will post pictures if I can figure it out.
  5. Looking for a 1926, 27 or 28 open cab International firetruck with a Lycoming 4 cylinder engine or parts and information on this engine.
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