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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular engine oil plug. It's marked 1860 then PC and 5, pictures included. Size is about 1 1/4 inch. This is on a 1920 Cleveland Six, Engine Model 40. Plug still works and seals but would be good to know we could find a replacement or equivalent. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all your help, - Jonathan
  2. Almost finished. Wheel on the car, just need to paint the nuts. Once again thanks guys for all your help. We’re really glad we went with the natural finish as it really sets off nicely with the car. Currently have temporary heavy grade hex bolts in until our new hub bolts arrive.
  3. Big thank you guys for all of your wonderful advice. We did a medium stain and then 4 coats of Petit 1015, sanding in between. Black rustoleum paint on the hubs and then matte stainless steel on the bolt heads. Waiting on some new hub bolts from Mike in Ohio, there were old hex bolts there before which were not the right grade and we wanted to go authentic. Still a work in progress but here’s how it’s looking so far. We’ll do the same matte ss paint on the nuts. We’re not painting the rims yet as we’re getting new tyres so we’re going to wait to paint those (black) when the new tyres come in. So excuse the slightly rusted rims!
  4. Hello everyone. We’re looking for advice on how to finish our wooden wheels we just had remade at Calimer’s Wheel Shop. We’d prefer not to paint them and leave them showing the natural wood. Reading through the forums here, is raw linseed oil the best way to care for them? Would appreciate your thoughts. thank you.
  5. I have a 1920 Cleveland which has 7/16 hub bolts/carriage bolts. They do not have a square fitting like most carriage bolts rather a larger round head. Anybody here have a contact or company for such a bolt? We just had the wheels remade by Calimer’s Wheel Shop in PA. the original Wheels had a mixture of the original hub/carriage bolts and then some modern hex bolts. We’d like to return them to the originals but obviously not many places make the non squared carriage bolts. Any sites / makers out there you can refer me too? Thank you.
  6. Happy New Year everyone. Reading through our various Cleveland literature it mentions an option for front brakes. Wondering if any Cleveland owners here have this original add on? Would be curious to see the setup etc. thanks!
  7. Wondering if anyone has any specs on rear axle seals for a 1920 Cleveland Model 40. Thanks everyone.
  8. Ours is a 1920 Cleveland Tourer located in MA. We’re the third family to own it, originally sold by the NH Cleveland/Chandler dealer to a farmer then returned to him in the 50s passing to his son and then through a dealer to us. Restored in the late 80s.
  9. Hello. Wondering if anyone here has a copy of the owners and care instructions for the Model 40 Cleveland? We recently acquired a 1920 tourer in running condition which came with a lot of materials but no owners manual for the model 40. A copy or digital scan would be great so we can maintain the car and work on it. Much appreciated for any diagrams or schematics etc. thank you! Looking forward to getting to know this car and fellow enthusiasts.
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