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  1. I’ve been following this thread with interest. In the attached video by Haggerty, about 13 minutes in,it shows finger joints being made. I hope it’ll give some ideas. If the link doesn’t work search Haggerty Barn Find Hunter, episode #76. Mike https://www.hagerty.com/media/videos/barn-find-hunter-takes-his-woody-wagon-to-woody-specialist/
  2. Brendan, On a 37 passenger car, the gas tank filler neck is connected to the tank with a sleeve that unscrews allowing the metal neck to be removed. Once the neck is removed, the tank will slide to one side with barely enough clearance to allow it to drop between the frame rails. Since I’m not a Ford guy You might want to search the FordBarn because the process for a 39 may be similar. Mike
  3. Thanks for the offer, however the originals that I removed are in great shape. Mike
  4. Tom, Rather than attempting to scan and post pictures of certain pages, the entire manual is online at “oldcarmanualproject.com”. Just search “1948 Station Wagon Body by Fisher Service & Construction Manual”. If you’re unsuccessful let me know. Mike
  5. Thanks Tom, I’ll keep looking for wider material options. I may also order a yard of the tonneau cover material to test for adequate stretch and its ability to be dyed. The 1948 Station Wagon Body by Fisher Service & Construction Manual outlines a very detailed procedure for roof cover replacement.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. While I’m familiar with the basic appearance of cobra grain material you mention, even if was available, the original material that I removed from the Fisher Body Chevrolet has a much finer grain with a pronounced pebble effect as shown in the attached picture. Disregard the black areas in the attached photo as the exposed sections of the roof had been coated over at some point in the past. Tonneau cover material used for pickup trucks and other custom applications is available in 77” width from a variety of suppliers and seems to be closer in appearance. Other than the appearance, can you think of any considerations related to the actual installation?
  7. First time poster on the woodie site but long time hobbyist with several open body Chevrolets. I am currently the second owner of a 1948 Chevrolet wagon that has been my latest project. All of the wood has been stripped, repaired or replaced where necessary, bleached, and has had several coats of varnish . Soon I will be needing roof fabric and am looking for recommendations. The original fabric, which I removed, has a very slight almost pebble grain and was burgundy in color. While I realize that I’ll need to use vinyl dye on the new fabric to match the color, my question is related to the fabric itself. What fabric options do I have? The roof at the widest part is 66”. Has anyone used tonneau cover material?
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