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  1. Where can I purchase the total Exhaust system for my 1928 Standard
  2. I have looked in the Shop Manual and can't find no info. The screen is torn. Is there a replacement? How do I repair the screen?
  3. Question Tinindian, I didn't and hope not to have to pull the engine totally however I could only get to the 4 freeze plugs on the sides. after removing them I can see " lots " of rust particles, ( Small a large ones ) so can I vacuum them out or brake down and do a total engine over haul at this point. I did get it started and running before I find water in oil pan. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  4. It's total original, The original owners son told the story about his grandfather having the car then his dad. It's been in storage for over 80 years in a conditioned garage.d bracket I really liked the car the day I got to see it. Didn't know what all it needed however I brought it home. Now I want to try and keep it as original as possible so I'm asking all kinds of questions. The roof has to be replaced as it has a huge split down the middle. Interior: Needs dome light back seat hand rail brackets other than that the seats are awesome I believe they called them more hair covering. I'm seen some 1928 with natural wood wheel spokes, was that only on the fancier cars? Thanks for all the help
  5. Ok Tinindian,, Call me (shade tree mechanic ) what are you talking about Core Plugs ?
  6. Thanks to All; Mark you called it wright. Both freeze plugs have rusted thru, Do I welded them or is there another way to fix?
  7. Thanks to All: Mark you called it. Freeze plugs are both rusted thru. Do I have them welded or is there another way two fix
  8. Also were do I post picture?
  9. Thanks Bob, Any advice on the water in oil pan?
  10. I'm a new member and new to this Forums. I bought a 1928 Buick the wheel base is 116 so is it a Standard or Model 116 when ordering parts? I also have water in Engine any help would be great.
  11. I bought a 1928 Buick 6 months ago and need help understanding the engine it has. My wheel base is 116 so I assume it a standard 6 however Im not sure. I went on Olson Gasket and now it asking is it a Standard or model 116. How do I know?
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