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  1. Figure 4 in the diagram (worm gear) in the exploded view is exactly what I’m after
  2. Hi I live in the U.K. my name is Anthony Stuart-smith and I have a gemmer two tooth steering box in my 1927 LHD Studebaker Erskine tourer with a extremely worn worm gear. Have you got worm gears in stock for this steering box?? The part number I stamped on the box is gemmer pat. 2pg or pd
  3. I think I have found a metal working workshop that can possibly cast a new worm gear, he does this sort of things for veteran Rolls-Royce and Bentley etc
  4. I have a gemmer pat. 2-dg steering box with a two tooth sector shaft with is in my 1927 Studebaker Erskine, the worm gear is extremely worn. Would you know where I can get parts or another box or a upgrade replacement . Anthony from the U.K.
  5. Has anybody got a steering shaft for a two tooth sector to sell me please.
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