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  1. That confirms mine was correct. Thanks Dave
  2. Does someone out there know how many teeth the speedo cap for our V12 (4.44:1 rear end) should have? My speedo stopped transmitting, found the teeth have been shaved by the driveshaft gear as if the tooth engagement was not correct. It is a 21 tooth cap gear now.
  3. I am happy to report the source of my problem (OD not sending power to rear wheels) has been solved. The over-running clutch in the OD planetary drive has 2 tabs on it to prevent over rotation of the cage. These 2 tabs had broken off of my bearing cage. This allowed the rollers to rest in the cavity between the ramps on the bearing and so would not catch and lock up when driving forward. The light springs are not strong enough to 'lift' the rollers out of the cavity. The cage is heavy enough to allow new tabs to be welded to it, shape them to clear the bore and the bearing, over-running clutch can be used again.
  4. Freewheeling allows the rear wheels to turn faster than the engine and that is the same condition as when towing. If you wanted to tow to start the OD would have to be in manual (out) in order to turn over the engine when in gear. I assume you are just towing slowly for a relatively short distance (maybe home after a breakdown!) I wouldn't recommend it for long, at speed. Other opinions?
  5. Thanks Matt. I do have that book. When the solenoid is initially energized it uses a high power (high amps) to drive the plunger forward then a contact opens (in the forward position) and a secondary solenoid (weaker) coil keeps it there. I can maybe watch the amps to see if that is happening. I think that I read somewhere that if it doesn't fully extend the high amps will blow a fuse. Other than the amps is there a way to check if the plunger is fully forward?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have previously gone through the electrics, everything works. When OD is selected there is no power transmitted through the transmission, to me that spells over-running clutch. Could there be other causes? I think I'll try Marvel Mystery oil in the OD unit next. Are there other magic potions to try?
  7. I have a Warner Overdrive just installed, not used for years. All electrics work but when OD selected and engaged no power is transmitted to the drive shaft. Suspect that the Over-running clutch bearing is frozen.Works fine when OD not selected. Have put 10W-30 with 1/3 diesel gas in and ran it, drained and trying automatic transmission fluid now to free up the bearing. Any other suggestions short of removing the rear end and transmission?
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