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  1. It's funny I looked all over for a service manual no luck. But did a search for shop manual and found one right away.
  2. I have to much play in my steering box and see no way to adjust it. I'm assuming it has to disassembled but I need instructions before I do anything. What I would like would be to find a shop to do this for me, or someone to provide instruction, can anyone help?
  3. I can't believe it took me this long to discover the rim was tapered and only went on in one direction. Well I'm a newby and learning.
  4. I've had a flat and installed a new tire and tube on the split rim. I have been trying for days to remount it on the hub with no luck. I'm to the point of buying a sledge hammer and see if I can force it on that way. But was hoping someone would point out a method that wouldn't destroy the wooden spokes.
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